Saturday, March 26, 2016

Progress on two fronts

A couple of days off work and I've felt like cracking on with stuff. As well as setting up Brett on it's exhibition framework to check some stuff.. I've also built a couple of plastic kits for Sheldon and been busy in the garage with bits of wood..

This is the 4 foot extension for Sheldon.. it's a foot wide, rather than the standard 18", as we found in our group that as long as the compatibility was there at board ends, the difference in width for these joining pieces wasn't too much of an issue. Although I ordered brackets and feet for this, they turned up today and the 50mm feet aren't going to cut it, so I've pinched the 100mm feet from my short end 

It's just going to be a straight signle track run of 4 ft, providing a switch lead for the spur at Sheldon, and a bridge to the next module. If necessary, I might make up small triangle bits to match up the ends with 18" boards. 

Scenically it's going to be pretty plain - fields, possibly with some fencing etc.

I've also been giving some thought to the room layout, the replacement for Brett. Pete over on RMWeb, made some good suggestions on my first draft, and I've incorporated them here.. still not the final version - that will be whatever gets actually built, but some good ideas so far.

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