Sunday, July 5, 2009

Elston Road, 3mm Micro in the sun

Grabbed a few minutes in the sun to take some pistures of progress on 'Elston Road', my 3 foot long, 3mm scale layout. (Should have built 'Trewyzes')
I am trying to capture a rather down and out 'end of the line' Light Railway halt. The passenger services ceased some time ago, only light goods and coal accompany regular vans to and from the private siding (shed under construction). the passenger halt is based on one at Ashover, the 'office' is based on a plan in the 3mm Society magazine - a building once at Lowdham. The shed is pure conjecture!
Despite many frustrations and doubts as to my wisdom in trying 3mm finescale over EM, overall I'm quite pleased so far. I've had to replace a couple of tie bars and this has caused some derailments.. much fettling to be done.

Finally, my first ever chassis under construction (3mm again). It will go under a whitemetal J72 one day. Thanks to Phil Parker for some top tips.

Overview of Elston Road, all three feet of it.

The Shed under construction

View of the 'yard' area.

The disused passenger halt.

The office, based on a building at Lowdham.

No signals or gates required on this quiet lane.

A view from the end of the layout.

The line used to continue beyond the camera until a few years ago.

Don't laugh! First attempt ever.