Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some progress in 3mm scale

Plankerton Wharf continues to be attended to ..been adding card 'concrete' surface. But last week I was off work with a chest infection which actually gave me a bit of modelling time.
As well as planning my 009 project (and doing some small work on Maunfoot - more of which later).. I decided to do something about some 3mm bits awaiting attention.

I had discovered an old RM article by the Rev Awdry online about his sctrachbuilt 'Toby' based on a Y6 tram loco and decided to give it a go...

I already had a 14.2mm gauge Halling motor bogie from 3SMR and designed a plastic card body 'kit' to fit around it. It's not deadly accurate but I feel gives a nice representation of a Y6. I like it anyway!
I figured I might try fitting Greenwich couplings to my 3mm stock (all of two wagons and this loco). At first I was a bit concerned that they might be too Narrow Gauge in style.. but I'm really pleased with the results. Must buy more!
For more information about 3mm scale modelling (the 'modellers' scale'), see the society website..