Sunday, November 25, 2007

Presenting...Plankerton Wharf

A couple of days off work..a few spare bits of wood, foamcore and track..Actually, I had prepared this little shelf beforehand, with the intention of finding a substitute for Middle Street which used to sit on my computer shelf. After much umming and ahing, measuring and doodling, I settled on this plan.
Basically it's a little shunty plank for OO. There is no puzzle as such, movements are generated using a simple grid and a twenty sided dice. I use five wagons and four 'spots' to place them, rolling for each move generates enough interest for a little gentle shunting of an evening (as you do!)
The plan,as you can see, is definitely on the micro side of things..

The 'fiddle is a Peco loco lift which extends off the side (a handy steal for another few centimetres..)

Which can be hidden by this portable 'screen' but it interferes with things a little..

The headshunt is limited to a loco and two wagons..

More scenics to go..(mainly some kind of concrete), but no backscene is intended as this is supposed to be really easy to store!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Begin Again...

Fed up with faffing with the orginal website, which is just about full and needs an overhaul anyway. It seems like a good idea to get with the kids and have a go at this blogging thing. I only intend to use it to post pics and updates on modelling projects. Be back soon with some stuff on this last week's project.. a little shunty shelf in OO.