Sunday, December 26, 2010

Re-hashing a good idea?

Some time ago, I used a 'spare' bit of 4'x2' MDF baseboard to make a little 'roundy' in N scale (American) which lived under a sofa. It was a quick fix, using Kato unitrack and was fun to operate.
Now that we've moved, I decided to do version 2 - same plan, just a more robust board with a little more scope for scenics.
This is how far I've got so far..

I'm really pleased with the backscene, which I think looks quite effective despite being ridiculously easy to do! See here for a full explanation (I swapped skyscrapers for rolling hills).
Next up, I need to get the road surfaces down.. not decided on the best method yet, and then plant some more trees..

My stock is mostly ex Rutland Railway so I am trying to place the layout in New England. I've never been there, although it seemed daft not to try representing 'the Fall'