Sunday, June 20, 2010

A unique dilemma

In the scale of things, not a life-changer.. but in my modelling world, I have come to a point where I need to make a decision. We've moved into new house.. slowly unpacking. I now have a 'playroom'. I reckon I can comfortably get a shelf layout in.. 110" long with a about 60" on the right angle. (Then there is the cavernous shed and garage to consider in time...)

Great! The biggest layout I have ever planned!! but.. what to do?

I've been dabbling in various scales and gauges over the last few years with the excuse that I was trying them out. Maybe the time has come to assess and make a choice. Which also means getting rid of some stuff :-)

HO American.. with DCC and sound where possible.. switching various cars around. N scale American with the Kato unitrack I invested in.. more railway in the same space..3mm scale. All handbuilt stuff..stick to 14.2mm (I haven't managed to complete a working chassis yet), or try the easier 12mm gauge route? And then do I go for Light Railway..classic branch terminus.. industrial exchange. Or... take the far easier route of OO? Or try EM? (I've discounted N UK outline, having tried a little inglenook) OR.. OO9.. a quaint railway in the landscape.. or try out 7mm NG ? ..Easier to handle. Gn15 feels like it needs the micro layout treatment. On30? Like the bashability but yet to be inspired with a setting.
Some list-writing, box-checking and head-scratching to follow no doubt.

It's a nice dilemma to have though.