Monday, March 24, 2014

a phoenix arises.. well, a layout is refreshed anyway

I was really hitting a dead end with the Winkford thing. Anyway, a couple of conversations and a visit to the Nottingham show (very disappointing this year) has got me very definitely playing with my trains again.. more specifically, playing with my HO American trains.

I decided to re-vamp the shelf layout. I have various plans brewing for another American one, but I decided to try to get some more out of this and I have to say, so far it's working.

Previously known as 'Dreary'.. I've decided to rename this 'Brett'. Still set in Idaho (ish) and around early 80s.. although I still am very much a beginner and a foreigner with all this. The layout is essentially a loop which is at the end of a small shortline (The Yellow Pine RR). Trains enter from front right and loads are spotted at the elevator (Rear RHS), the Northwest lumber (Rear LHS), the Team track at front left, or Smith&Hogg Hardware on the loop.

I am using 'Switchlist' to generate traffic, and it has been a godsend, really made a difference to the fun and playability, giving me a sense of 'proper' operation. I try to take my time, being inspired by some of the thinking about operations described by Lance Mindheim

I'm slowly working on the scenics.. a mixture of scratchbuilt and kitbash so far.

Some time soon I'll see if I can post some videos as I've also 'installed' a background sound.. I used various sound effect files from the internet mixed using 'Audacity' to playback through an MP3 player and a couple of old PC speakers on either end of the shelf. Really adds to the atmosphere :-)

So.. much work to do, but this layout is definitely going through a positive phase!