Sunday, January 17, 2016

Exhibiting Brett?

Brett was always intended to be a home layout, I built it in a lightweight fashion to sit on rack shelving. I have been asked a couple of times if I'd like to exhibit it, which is very flattering, but have baulked at the thought of putting it 'out there'. I've never exhibited anything and unsure whether it's something I fancy doing, especially on my own. Also, I wasn't sure how much work would be needed to get Brett to a show.. I need some way of supporting it, displaying it..

Anyhoo.. recent Freemo building has given me a little more confidence in knocking bits of wood together, so when Nick Palette asked if I'd like to bring Brett to TVNAM, I couldn't really say 'no'!

This weekend I have built two simple wooden frames, using my existing Freemo legs, and a test erection (ooer) shows me that it should all work okay. I need to enlist SWMBO to make a curtain for the front of the layout, and make a few tweaks, but all systems are go!

Unless I spend much more time and money, I won't be displaying Brett with lights or sound.. and because my normal viewing angle is about a foot higher than that which I'll be showing it at TVNAM, I'd like to tidy up a couple of details on the layout before then too.

As to the longer term.. I don't intend to start hauling Brett around shows, even if I get asked. I have my doubts that a day on my feet, plus the noise, the travel and lugging about will really appeal to me. TVNAM is an exception as it's such a specialist show and has a community feel to it.

What I might do is actually try to sell the layout, I've already started making plans for a new one, extending around the walls.. early plans look this but are subject to change..

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 2016 Freemo meet

On Sunday we had the first Freemo meet of the year at Armitage. 'We' being the fairly new Midland Belt Freemo group.

When I look back at our first meeting in March last year, it's quite something to see how far we've come. We ran around 120 feet of 'mainline' with trains operating in at least four directions, along with passenger runs and specials.

Operation was all organised by Chris Gilbert, using the Mac 'switchlist' program I use for Brett, as an alternative to JMRI. Chris also provided much of his Florida fleet, supplemented by a couple of Midland Belt RR locos.

The layout was something like this..

I put together  a video of the pictures and short videos I managed to take on the day..

Also, Dan has posted a video of his own here..