Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have been doing things, honest!

I finally thought I should get around to doing some updates and my camera battery died!
I hope to get some pictures of the 3mm layout up soon, and maybe some other bits I've been working on. Meanwhile, I got a few pics of Ulthwaite anyway.. some scenic work has been done.

This is an A1 brass body kit - my first soldered construction. Obviously a bit of work to do yet..

Some scenics at the Left hand side of the layout, entrance to fiddle

At the other end. I found this coal lorry amongst some stuff passed to me by 'Versif' some time ago. Already labelled up for 'Cumberland' - perfect!

An overall view back over the layout. looking a lot greener now.

Finally, the new coach, a recent ebay purchase.. again, a lot of work to do but it 'fits' well I think.

Next up, some 3mm stuff I reckon.

I really must learn how to post properly on here - not keen on this layout at all.