Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ulthwaite station building

Whilst I'm still a little undecided whether or not to soldier on with 'Ulthwaite' as it is (or start again using peco track), I figured I might as well keep moving with some of the stock and buildings. I've made a start on altering and repainting a Roco steamer, plus Bob the diesel and a couple more wagon kits, but earlier I decided to take paintbrush to the proposed station building. The photo is cruel and shows me where I need to do a bit more, but I'm quite happy. (Must add a pot to that chimney). This is a pretty unmodified Auhagen kit - an HO scale little german halt. I liked the idea of a wooden building and felt that a paint job and a few details might help to locate it. Bearing in mind that there were a number of German miners around Keswick, I don't mind a slightly continental look to it..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Plankerton Wharf pictures

I 'finished' Plankerton Wharf some time ago..just thought I ought to post some pictures. Overall I'm pleased with the grotty trackwork and ground cover.. a mixture of ash ballast and filler.. and a generous spray of red oxide, black and grey car primers.

Endal Street shoebox gets some attention

As well as fiddling about with the tricky problems presented by the turntable and sector plate.. I took advantage of a new printer to make up some scenic 'flats' to set the scene in this little shoebox layout.

Much more serious work to do really first, like getting the trackwork right.. but I couldn't helps to give an impression of where I'm going with it.
I also chopped up a big cardboard box to make one for Endal Street.. it may not be an actual shoebox.. but the dimensions are similar.