Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A bit more 3mm

The last couple of weeks have seen some progress on my 3mm 'project'. I've laid a length of test track on a spare pine shelf. It's just 585mmx140mm, but enough for an A4 point and a little bit of track either side. The idea was to have a go at 'properly' handlaying solder constructed track before starting on a layout.

The sleeper built buffers tops are scratchbuilt in plasticard. I figured it was easier than trying to make up rail built ones!

It's 14.2mm gauge (3mm finescale), the rails are 3mm society code 60 bullhead, a lot easier to work with than I thought it would be. The switch isn't elegant but it serves it's purpose. I plan to hide it anyway.

The Y6 tram has had a paint job and some extra roof detail. A little bit of detail paint work to tidy it up and that's done. I'm really pleased with it.