Monday, August 19, 2013

O gauge figures

Been a while since my last update.. but then it's been a little while since I did any model railway related stuff. I've put the next layout on the 'back burner' for now as we may have a bit of a room swap coming up in our house, which might give me a little more wall space for a shelf.
Wargaming was my first hobby and I've returned to it with renewed passion lately. Apart from the joy of collecting and painting armies, the social aspect has been a real boon as I've recently taken voluntary redundancy and I am between jobs.
Anyway - I've admired Phoenix 43 O gauge figures for a long time but haven't really had a reason to buy any more. As I've been painting lots of toy soldiers, it occurred to me that maybe I ought to buy some, just for the fun of painting them - try using the techniques I have been using on my 28mm (about 1:54 to 1:64 scale) wargames figures. 
I'm really pleased with how these have turned out. It's not a style that is everyone's cup of tea, so I'm putting them up for sale on ebay, to see if anyone likes them :-)

I'm kind of tempted to start another blog, wargames related, as I don't think posting pictures of WW2 Russians and Napoleonic Prussians on 'mogtrains' makes a lot of sense.