Sunday, September 19, 2010

8 feet is so big!

Moved house in june. I now have a 8ft x 1ft shelf up. I started to build an HO American DCC thing but it just wasn't doing it for me. So, I paused and had a good think.
Anyway, to cut long and confused meanderings short.. It occurred to me that I often read of the classic GWR branch terminus being a bit of a cliche. However..I got into this hobby in Gn15 and have via 3mm and OO9 I have realised that I have never had a go at that myself.
So - basically I'm going to build a OO cliche GWR branch station! Not worrying too much about fidelity and accuracy, but hopefully come up with a plan that will give some intersting operations as well as fun to build. I've drawn heavily on the Culm Valley for inspiration, but made some changes. Notably, I've decided to start off with a 57XX tank or similar, as the current 14xx model is a bit long in the tooth and I would like a nice running loco to get off the ground with.
Pictures to follow.. basic plan for now..

Friday, September 3, 2010

micro site update

Still messing about with the shelf layout - I will post some progress pics soon..

In the meantime - Carl Arendt has added this months update to his site, and as ever, I've come away brimming over with inspiration and ideas..

'check it out' (as they say)..