Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some 009 stock

Been a while since last update (a Hard drive crash didn't help!).
One of the projects I've been planning is a 009 layout. At the moment a fictitious railway set in the Lake District is a likely candidate. I know I need some quality stock to get the best out of this scale so I bought a Dapol N gauge 45xx loco and A chivers WHR Russell kit and prayed they would fit!
As it happens, they do! I haven't extended the pony trucks, although I might.. but I don't mind that it's not a direct copy of Russell, just that it looks good and runs well. Seen here posing on 'Maunfoot' - a 009 micro layout.
New problem - the stock I had built so far all looks really tiddy next to this new loco (temporarily named Edith until I get some nameplates). I might end up anglicising the Liliput HOe stuff, or simply stick to a larger prototype. I quite like the Ashover anyway, so maybe that's the way to go..