Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fate of the 4x2 American N gauge layout..

This layout has spent all it's time in the garage in 'storage'. It's quite pretty, but sadly, despite it's relatively small size, it's not 'working'..not really practical for a quick play.. I am considering this evening dismantling it.
(The track is all unitrack and the buildings and trees will lift off okay - so no huge loss)
Shame.. but maybe I need to stick to shelf layouts or go royal abundance and have a big roundy in the shed or garage. :)

(As it happens, I've been pootling away on a 4ft OO Brewery layout, and have been knocking up a little N gauge shelf to try out UK stuff too..more to follow)

Got talking to a nice chap at the Mansfield show recently about TT and 3mm, got me thinking about all of that again. Initial thoughts were to try 12mm gauge.. but I wonder whether I'd be as well to persist with 14.2mm, I'm thinking a Light Railway 'tramway', where skirted locos using motor bogies would mean no real urgency to build a working chassis just yet..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RIP Carl

I learned some very sad news today.
Carl Arendt, of micro layout fame, has left us.
I came into this hobby via the interent, haven't joined a club yet, and I am still largely sustained by the internet.
Carl was hugely supportive of my early doings and kindly hosted a few of my ideas and layouts over the last few years.
A proper gent, an inspiration and the creator and maintainer of a unique source of inspiration and a real loss.