Friday, March 23, 2012

Things to come?

Some more work done lately, pictures etc to follow. However, One thing that leads to another.. I was thinking about Winkford and how I'm not much enjoying the running. I know OO9 has a reputation for bad running, but I also know that there are many who make it work. I have taken care with track laying and building the stock etc..but I'm not satisfied yet. It could well be that my preferences are narrowing and I just like bigger heavier toys!

Anyway.. I got to thinking that if I really don't get on with it, rather than destroy Winkford, I should try something different, and change the gauge! Bring the story forward a few years, with the (newly named) Clumber and Rufford Railway being taken over by the NE or Midland, or a smaller group, and the track being lifted and relaid to standard gauge. Lose the passenger facilities and possibly the runaround.

It's a ways off if I do pursue it, but by way of a mock up to see what it might look like..

Monday, March 12, 2012

filling it out

Well.. slowly but surely, things are starting to take shape/settle in. Winkford is starting to look like a place.

Rather than build new tress and green stuff..I decided to re-use some handy wargames hedgerows to screen the back of the layout and they really help to frame the picture (well, they work for me!)

After trying to build a bank on the left hand side, with the track leading through an implausiblysteep cutting, I've ripped that up and changed things so that now a crossing gate marks the end of the line. The thinking is that the line is no longer in use beyond Winkford, but the original track remains, albeit slightly overgrown. A small gatekeepers box sits there too, now disused:

On the platform, I've started to build a water tower.. just a small one to suit the station hopefully. Th iron uprights are chopped from some crossing gates:

At the front I've placed a grounded van, which again feels to have balanced the scene a little more:

Main Street has been laid in card, awaiting some treatment.. I've scratchbuilt the house at front right from plasticard.. and at the rear I have finally settled on the low relief buildings which are awaiting painting and detailing:

We're getting there! On to detailing really, which apparently is where the devil is.