Sunday, March 20, 2016

Freemo overhaul

Our Midlands freemo group has 'paused' for a few months, the next meet won't be until the autumn as it stands at the moment. However, after our last meeting, I decided to make some changes to the existing modules. Sheldon and Cooper seemed a little small, with the benefit of experiencing the operations we've been able to run, I decided to;

1. Scrap Cooper. For now.. longer term I may well come back to version 2 later.
2. Use the 'Cooper' board to extend Sheldon.

The modules have taken up residence in my garage for the last few weeks as I've spent the odd evening or Sunday morning doing a bit. 

I've made a point of capturing progress on video, and I'll be uploading part 2 today. They.. or I guess I should now say 'it' isn't finished yet.. but I'm quite pleased with how it's come together so far.. feels a lot more plausible.

Part 1

I realise that all this has done is to extend the elevator spur by a few feet, probably allowing another three spots for switching, and also lost two further 'industries', but I think the feel of it and look of it is as important for me, and I think the pay-off is worth it.

By the way..As a means of research, I've spent time browsing Google Maps and Streetview. The little town of Fairland in Indiana has been a goldmine for me. (although the houses in my Sheldon are looking a little more run down)

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