Friday, February 13, 2015

Some scenic work and another video

I've been steadily pottering away at Brett in between painting soldiers and looking for paid employment. Mostly little scenic jobs - planting weeds and making a start on the Lumber yard.

A moment of inspiration found me in the garage and mackling up a device to rest my camera on whilst taking videos, as trying to hold the camera steady in one hand and use the controller in the other was proving too much of a challenge.

Basically a little shelf with a length of broomhandle and a 6" square platform for the camera  - clamped to the unit under the layout. It places the camera at about my eye level when operating.

Camera Support thingy Mk 1
Today was one of those days when things didn't go quite to plan in 'real life' and I decided to grab an hour this afternoon to test it the new device, and get running some trains again, so I made a video. Actually it's Part One.. as I didn't plan my switching moves at all and subsequently 'today's train is going to take a little longer to switch!

I don't know how prototypical it is, but I tend to pause quite a bit to allow time for little invisible men to switch points, uncouple cars etc. As this can be incredibly boring to watch, I edit most of these moments of inactivity out. Thinking about it - I perhaps should have used those pauses to actually plan my moves! (doh!)

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